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Powerful Morning Routine For Positivity: 15 Life-Changing Tips

I probably don’t need to tell you how important it is to have a consistent morning routine for positivity in place when it comes to improving your mindset and mental health… but I’m gonna.

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It’s super important.

When I practise my usual morning routine, I’m productive, motivated, and in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Here are my personal tips for the best morning routine for positivity to help give your mindset a boost at the beginning of your day.

#1. Set goals the day before

Really, your morning routine starts the day before.

Prepare your outfit, workspace, and goals for the next day before you go to bed.

This means that, if you do get up super-early (more on that in a minute), you’ve not got as much to do. Getting out of bed when you’re tired doesn’t seem like such a mammoth task when you’ve got everything set out ready for you.

You can get up focused and in the right mindset ready for the day.

#2. Wake up early…ish

Successful business people the world over SWEAR by waking up super-early. I’m talking 5am.

The reasoning behind this borderline torturous practise is that a large portion of people’s most productive hours are in the morning, before the rest of the world rises. Therefore, the theory is that you get more done if you wake up early.

If the idea of getting out of your warm, cosy bed before the sun even rises fills you with dread (saaame), don’t sweat it. Just waking up half-an-hour or an hour earlier than usual can help you fit more in.

If you usually wake up at 10am, try setting an alarm for 9am and getting up straight away.

(I went from not being a morning person AT ALL and waking up at almost 10am every day to starting work at 7am by gradually pushing my alarm back over the course of months.)

If you really struggle with getting out of bed in the morning, motivational speaker, Mel Robbins, created a simple method known as the ‘Five Second Rule’, which, funnily enough, has nothing to do with picking up food off a dirty floor.

It’s believed that your brain has a small window of time – around five seconds – before it starts doubting, overthinking, or trying to ‘protect’ you from something you don’t want to do, i.e. get out of bed.

After watching a NASA launch, Mel came up with an idea.

Instead of laying in bed thinking about getting up, she recommends that you simply count down from five – like a rocket launch – and then spring out of bed before your brain even has a chance to convince you not to.

#3. Don’t check social media in bed

This is one of my worst habits.

The first thing I tend to do in the morning is pick up my phone and get scrolling.

However, social media can be toxic.

You can wake up in a positive mindset and as soon as you see a social media post that makes you feel inadequate, angry, or disappointed, you’re right back to rock bottom.

It’s also pretty addictive. I can’t tell you the DAYS I’ve probably wasted over the course of my life just scrolling through Twitter threads or watching Insta stories.

Try not to check your social media first thing in the morning, especially not while you’re still laying in bed.

A steaming cup of coffee

#4. Don’t check your emails until the afternoon

Another great tip for your morning routine for positivity is to not check your emails until after midday.

Most people’s most productive hours are first thing in the morning so you need to learn to prioritise and get your biggest, most important goals complete before you even think about checking your emails.

Your bigger goals for the day are what you should be working on first thing, not your emails.

Your inbox can be a bottomless pit sometimes and, if you start checking your emails first thing in the morning, you could find yourself there for hours. Meanwhile, your motivation to get your actual, proper tasks done dwindles.

By the time you’ve cleared your inbox, you have no motivation to do anything work-related, and end up just switching off or staring at your computer screen for the next couple of hours until you give up.

#5. Make your bed

One of my best positive morning routine tips when it comes to productivity, positive thinking AND self-care is to make your bed as soon as you get up.

When your mental health is bad, this might be all you do all day. But it can also spark creativity and productivity.

When you’ve made your bed, no matter where your head’s at, you’ve still accomplished something. You’ve gotten out of bed and you’ve made it again.

You’ll be surprised what wonders this small task does for your mindset first thing in the morning.

#6. Get dressed

Just like making your bed, getting dressed puts you in a positive mindset ready to face whatever the day has to throw at you.

You don’t have to don a power-suit or anything, but just getting out of the clothes you slept in can be really motivating.

For example, I just get into a top, leggings, and nice jumper or hoodie. Just doing that and brushing my hair into a ponytail makes me feel much more put together.

It puts me in a positive mindset straight away.

#7. Drink water

Although I love a coffee, the best morning drink on this planet is a cool (not cold) glass of H2O.

Fruit and yoghurt in a bowl on a table

You’ve not had a drink of water – basically what keeps our bodies going – in hours. Tiredness is a symptom of dehydration.

Just down a tall glass of water – with lemon if you’re feeling fancy – and you’ll feel 100x more awake straight away.

Then, sip on another glass and/or tea or coffee while you work.

#8. Get a full, balanced breakfast… whenever that is for you

Your body and brain run much better when they’re nourished and content.

When you break your fast (breakfast), whenever that is, it should be with a full, balanced, nutritious meal that you genuinely love eating.

Listen to your body and try to recognise how it runs best. Perhaps you do need to eat straight away or maybe you have no appetite until later – do whatever works for you!

#9. Write in your journal

Journaling first thing in the morning is a great way to put your mindset in a positive place straight away.

Whether you like to practise gratitude with daily prompts for only a few minutes every morning and evening, set your goals, schedule self-care or do all of the above, journaling is a great way to start your morning.

Sit down with your journal or planner, write down what you’re grateful for, check your goals for the day, and get going!

#10. Meditate

Meditating as soon as you wake up has a few benefits.

It helps relieve anxiety ahead of your day, helps you focus, relaxes you, and puts you in a clear, decluttered, positive mindset.

Take 10 minutes right after you’ve had your water to clear your mind, focus on your breathing, and prepare your mind for the day.

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#11. Morning stretch routine

Ideally, we’d all have a morning yoga routine where we salute the sun as it rises every single morning. I know a lot of people swear by doing this to start their day off in a positive way – and I get it. Yoga has SO MANY health benefits, both mental and physical. I love it.

For a lot of people though, this isn’t always realistic.

A good compromise is to incorporate a simple stretch routine into your morning routine for positivity.

It only needs to be 10 or 15 minutes – just something to get the blood flowing and brain focused.

Line up a short stretching routine or yoga video on YouTube the night before so that, in the morning, all you have to do is get your mat out and press play, or do it right from your bed.

#12. Prioritise – get your most important stuff done

This step is mostly for the night before, but you should aim to get your biggest, most important tasks, which take up the most mental energy, done first.

In the ~personal development community~, this is called eating your frog.

(Because, presumably, if you were to have to eat a frog, you’d want to get it over and done with ASAP.)

This is because, as I’ve said, your most productive hours are in the morning.

This means that you can focus all that early morning energy on the tasks that require it.

It also means you get what are probably your most dreaded tasks out of the way nice and early so that your brain is free to focus on other things.

For example, if you hate making phone calls, get that client call out of the way first thing (if possible). That way, you won’t be worrying about it for the rest of the day AND you complete a huge goal early in the day.

#13. Stick to your schedule

If you set a schedule the night before, make sure you’re strict with yourself and stick to it.

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The night before, write out your goals for the next day and set time limits for each one.

For example, you may want to wake up at 6am and have your journaling, meditation, stretching and breakfast all done before 7am. You then may want to spend an hour-and-a-half writing one blog post before going to the gym.

You need to stick to this as, especially first thing in the morning, we have a habit of allowing tasks to overrun.

Perhaps you spend two hours on the blog post instead so you’re half-an-hour late to the gym. By this time, the gym might be busier, so your workout overruns.

By the time you get home from the gym, eat and shower, you might be as much as an hour or two behind schedule.

You then spend the rest of your day playing catch-up, which puts you in a stressed mindset, which can really impact your mental health.

#14. Kick off a workout routine

We all know how awesome exercise is for our mental and physical health but, often, our motivation wanes as the day progresses.

If you find that you often skip the gym or working out if you leave it until later in the day, get that s**t done as early as possible. That way, you’ve accomplished something amazing for your wellbeing, the endorphins will boost your positive thinking, mindset, and productivity, and you don’t have it weighing on your mind for the rest of the day. It’s done and dusted!

#15. Practise self-care

Practising self-care as part of your morning routine is so important.

I’m not saying you have to have a bubble bath at the crack of dawn, but practising basic self-care like personal hygiene (e.g. brushing your teeth), taking medication, and meditation is really important when it comes to setting your brain up for the day.

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