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20+ Positive Affirmations for Women to Feel Powerful

While affirmations can be really helpful for anyone wanting to improve their mindset, affirmations for women are especially powerful.

When you’re a woman, it can feel as if you’re constantly swimming against the tide. You’re supposed to be everything at once, always take the high road, and, if it all gets to you, you’re shamed for being overly emotional.

All this on top of struggling with poor mental health can make matters really difficult, as you don’t always know who to turn to or how to improve your mindset.

Affirmations can be excellent in this situation because they help reinforce what we already know about ourselves – that we’re awesome – and replace negative self-talk.

Here are some of my favourite affirmations for women.

Positive affirmations for women

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  1. I am so strong
  2. I am a badass
  3. I own my emotion
  4. I’m proud of my compassion and empathy
  5. I attract positive, understanding people who GET me
  6. I smash all my goals
  7. I get through any hurdle that life throws at me with EASE
  8. I attract hilarious, smart, kind people who I vibe with
  9. I choose to let only the best people into my life
  10. I choose to nourish and love my body
  11. I thrive in ALL environments
  12. I am the life of the party
  13. I am independent
  14. I am effortlessly abundant in all areas of my life
  15. I love myself
  16. I am 100% confident in myself and everything I do
  17. I learn from every hurdle that comes my way
  18. I am a Goddess
  19. I am my own role model
  20. I am worthy
  21. I am enough, just the way I am
  22. I am valued, loved and appreciated

Do affirmations really work?

Affirmations are an amazing way of boosting self-esteem and improving your mindset.

They used to be thought of as a little bit ‘woo-woo’, but now more and more experts are discovering that practising affirmations helps improve your internal dialogue, rewire toxic thought patterns, and banish negative self-talk.

As women, we’re often criticised for being overly emotional and sensitive, which is why affirmations for women are so important. They help us stay true to our most authentic selves, not feel ashamed of who we are, and thrive as total badasses.

Affirmations aren’t about changing us as women, they’re about accepting and embracing it!

Affirmations make us realise that we don’t have to dull ourselves down in order to be successful – far from itbeing true to yourself usually goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

This is why wall art with affirmations written on can be so affective. It’s constantly reminding us of our strength and awesomeness.

I do want to point out that they don’t ALWAYS work for everyone. Negative self-talk is often linked to poor mental health and those with depression or anxiety might find it a lot harder – if not impossible – to get past those nasty thought patterns.

This is why I always recommend speaking with a therapist.

Affirmations aren’t a cure-all, especially if you’re in a really dark mental space, and they shouldn’t be used in place of seeking out professional.

How long do affirmations take to work?

It’s hard to pinpoint how long affirmations take to work as everyone’s different.

It depends on a number of factors.

For example, someone who’s more open to allowing affirmations into their daily routine might find they improve their self-talk and mindset quicker than those who are closed off to the idea.

What’s more, if you’re coming from a bad place, it might also take longer to dig yourself out of that hole using affirmations, but then again, it might not!

As I say, everyone’s different and responds to affirmations in a different way and at a different pace.

For some, you might find that affirmations give you a little confidence boost right away, which is fantastic.

However, generally, the real benefits of affirmations take a while – weeks or even months – to become apparent.

Remember, we’re rewiring negative thought processes here. It’s not going to happen overnight.

This is why affirmations may not work for everyone because you do need a certain level of commitment for them to help you. You have to be consistent and persevere, whether you’re having a good or bad day.

For this reason, I always write down my affirmations in my gratitude journal as soon as I wake up. This ensures I do it and don’t forget. Plus, I get to start my day with positivity.

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What is an example of a positive affirmation for women?

I talk a lot about the power of positive affirmations on this blog because they’ve been an integral part of my self-care process.

I’ve written about affirmations for anxiety, as well as affirmations for motivation.

Affirmations are [usually] ‘I am’ statements that reinforce how strong, awesome, and capable you are as a human being.

For example, ‘I am a strong, independent, badass woman.”

The more consistently we repeat these, the more prone our thoughts are to positive thinking over negative self-talk, as positivity becomes our new normal.

If we don’t indulge our negative thought patterns. We just observe them from a place of self-awareness and we start to lend them less weight.

We should never completely ignore negativity or problems as these are part of being human and problems need to be acknowledged, we just get better at handling them both internally and externally.

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What do you mean by affirmations ‘for women’?

Obviously ALL affirmations are for women. However, when I talk about affirmations for women specifically, I invite you to look within the parts of you that are discriminated against or overlooked just because you’re a woman.

As women, we’re expected to be intelligent, but not too clever; pretty, but not so pretty that other men look at us; wear make-up, but not too much; talented, but not intimidating; virginal, but sexually liberated with our partner; demure, but not socially anxious; earn our own money, but not more than our husband.

Well, screw what’s expected of us.

Why don’t we – the actual women – get to decide what women should be?

Embracing womanhood – whatever that looks like to you personally – is a powerful, beautiful thing that we have every right to affirm whenever we damn well please!

Therefore, my affirmations for women revolve around strength, empathy, emotion and power.

These are all massively important aspects of ourselves as women that are either shamed, encouraged not to show, or downright discriminated against.

After all, if other people aren’t going to respect us, we might as well at least respect ourselves.

What is the most powerful affirmation for women?

The most powerful affirmations for women – or anyone for that matter – are affirmations that resonate with you and what means a lot to you as a person.

There’s no point repeating affirmations every morning or any time you look in a mirror and doubt yourself if said affirmation doesn’t apply to you or at least have the potential to put you in a better frame of mind.

While I’ve listed some affirmations for women that make ME feel strong, powerful and generally badass, they might not resonate with you – and that’s fine! It’s important that you find what works for you because that’s what’s ultimately going to help you the most.

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How to make your own affirmations for women

#1. Try to find aspects of yourself that you sometimes doubt or dislike, and spin these around when making your own affirmations.

#2. Always use ‘I am’-type statements and try to avoid using words that could carry negative conations.

For example, instead of saying, ‘I never fail!’ try saying, ‘I always succeed!’ as your mind might register the word ‘fail’ without recognising intention.

#3. Include affirmations that affirm traits that you like in other people, such as strength, abundance, and humour. We all possess these things, we just sometimes need a little helping hand to bring them to the forefront and affirmations can do this!

How to use affirmations

While affirmations work differently for everyone, there are a few steps you can take that will make them more likely to be affective for you.

#1. Use affirmations as part of your morning routine

I find the best way of getting into the habit of repeating affirmations is to do them every single day as part of your morning routine.

Of course, affirmations are great to repeat if you’re needing a little boost throughout the day, especially if you’re really doubting yourself or in a negative headspace. However, if you do them in the morning, there’s less chance of you forgetting. Then, you can get on with your day and still feel the benefits.

Repeat your positive affirmations every single morning as soon as you wake up – try to make them your first thought.

Either say them out loud, in your head, in the mirror, or write them down in a journal – whatever works best for you. You can even repeat them in ALL the ways I just mentioned if that feels empowering for you.

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#2. Write positive affirmations down in a gratitude journal

I always write my affirmations in my gratitude journal – as well as three things I’m grateful for – as soon as I wake up.

I keep the journal by my bed so all I have to do is sit up, pick up my journal – which I have bookmarked at the right page – and scribble down some affirmations without really thinking.

Sometimes I don’t even remember what I’ve written!

Writing your affirmations down instead of just saying them also does two things:

  1. Helps you remember them because you can physically look back at what you’ve written.
  2. Helps make them more powerful because writing them down makes them feel more real than just saying them.

#3. Repeat daily affirmations that resonate at least three times

After I’ve written down my affirmations, I repeat each affirmation at least three times each.

I do this because sometimes the first time you say the affirmation it doesn’t always register. You might be sleepy or in a bad mindset so you simply don’t always really believe it.

The trick to making quick progress with affirmations is to truly believe what you’re saying.

Repeating your affirmations helps give them more conviction. It makes them feel truer and stronger.

By the third time you’ve said it, you definitely believe it and it lights a fire in you.

#4. Be consistent and persistent with your affirmations

The biggest trick when it comes to affirmations and making them work is being consistent and persevering with them, even if you don’t feel like they’re working.

After all, even if they don’t help improve your mindset, what harm is there in taking a couple of minutes (literally) out of your day to hype yourself up or give yourself a pep talk?

Absolutely none at all!

If you can’t set aside mere minutes to do this for yourself and no-one else, that’s an issue in itself.

I invite you to truly make some time for yourself to appreciate everything you are as a woman and human being.

Be your own hype-woman.

I currently sell affirmation wall art in my Etsy shop, which not only looks pretty cool, it reminds you to repeat your affirmations whenever you see it. Feel free to check it out!

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