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15 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Recharge Your Mind & Body

Self care Sunday is honestly one of the highlights of my week.

woman laying down with her eyes closed and flower petals in her hair

Spending a whole day dedicated to self care and recharging my mental, physical and emotional batteries not only feels amazing, it’s 100% necessary for keeping my mindset in a positive place.

When I’m feeling low, having a self care day is usually exactly what I need to sooth my fraying edges.

It’s the first step I recommend to anyone who’s feeling down, stress or overwhelmed.

What is self care Sunday?

Self care Sunday is when you dedicate a whole day to self care.

I personally make a list of everything I can do to make myself feel pampered, soothed, relaxed, and revigorated.

Why Sunday?

Sunday tends to be the most common day of the week that people have away from work, school, and other responsibilities. Therefore, it’s the easiest day to dedicate completely and totally to yourself.

It resets you before the work week begins again on Monday and many already recognise it as a ‘day of rest’ anyway.

What are some self care Sunday ideas?

It’s important to explore and find what self care works best for your mental, physical and emotional health.

What works for one person might not work as well for you.

I invite you to find out what soothes you and helps you recharge your batteries.

Aside from basic, practical self care like eating nutritious food, drinking water and brushing my teeth, here are some of my favourite self care Sunday ideas.

#1. Journaling

Journaling is one of my favourite daily self care activities and Sundays are no different.

Sunday is a good day to take stoke of the past week, celebrate your wins and plan for the coming week.

Journaling helps improve self-awareness, your mindset, self-esteem, and relieve stress, so making sure to at least commit to journaling a few times a week can be really beneficial.

#2. Meditation

Meditating is one of the best self care activities you can practise.

It helps clear your mind, calm your energy, and improve mindfulness, which is really useful when it comes to dealing with stress.

Guided meditations have been nothing short of life-changing for me and I really recommend trying to get in an extra long one on your self care Sunday.

It starts your day off on a calm note.

#3. Reading

Spending my self care Sunday morning reading in bed is one of the newer parts of my self care routine, but it feels really peaceful.

I don’t get much of a chance to read these days, which makes me sad because when I was younger I used to devour a book a day.

Making a nice coffee, propping up my pillows and snuggling back down with a book I’m enjoying is a really lovely start to the day when I don’t have other responsibilities.

a woman with her hair in a towel, pealing off a face mask

#4. Watching my favourite TV shows and movies

Other than reading, I like to relax watching TV shows, movies and YouTube videos that I’ve wanted to get around to during the week, but not actually had the time.

Having a list of comfort movies and shows that you can stick on when you’re feeling in need of soothing is really useful when you need a little mental health boost.

Do you ever find yourself gravitating back towards certain TV shows or movies when you’re feeling low or vulnerable?

These are your comfort shows/movies and there’s no shame in replaying them as many times as you want.

#5. Taking a long shower/bath

Obviously keeping up with personal hygiene during the week should be a priority.

However, during self care Sunday, you have a chance to go all out and use all your favourite products you might not have time to use during the week.

Try showering for relaxation rather than just hygiene when you have the time for self-care.

#6. Rest

A lot of people forget that simply resting is a form of self care.

After all, what better way is there to recharge than just… rest?

Stay in bed as long as you want, then migrate to the sofa. Maybe visit your bed again later in the day for a nap before heading back to the sofa to watch movies.

We live in a society that says in order to be worthy or of value to the world, we have to be productive all the time. It demonises the act of not doing anything at all.

The act of NOT acting.

Well, I say RESTING is productive because you’re healing and recharging.

What could be more productive than looking after yourself?

There’s no shame in simply not doing anything.

#7. Stretch

Even if you’re not a yoga fanatic, simply stretching and releasing any tension that’s built up in your muscles over the course of the week can feel really good and prove really beneficial.

There are tons of simple stretching videos on YouTube.

A person sitting at a table, journaling

#8. See a friend for a catch up

No matter how introverted you are, human beings are social creatures and we need interaction with other human beings once in a while.

Talking with a friend over coffee can feel therapeutic.

You can let off steam about work-stuff that they’re not directly related in to get an impartial opinion; you can vent about family-shit; rant about the finale of that TV show you were both watching.

It feels good, man.

If you’ve not had a chance to speak with a mate over the course of the week, I recommend etching out some time to do so on your self care Sunday.

#9. Make a tasty beverage

There’s a lot to be said for simply making your favourite drink, sitting down, and being introspective.

My favourite part of my morning is making a coffee, sitting down, and staring into space for a while.

If you don’t get the chance to do this every day, try it at least once a week.

We shouldn’t have to be constantly stimulated by technology; try just sitting with your own company for a while and see how you feel afterwards.

#10. Eat food for your soul

While eating tasty, nutritious food is amazing for our bodies and minds, nourishing our soul with food that PURELY speaks to our taste buds is also important.

Food is there to be enjoyed.

We use it to celebrate, mourn, bond, express culture – we don’t just use it to stop our stomachs from growling.

Life’s too short to spend it eating food that makes us miserable and unfulfilled in every way.

pastries and coffee on a tray on a bed

#11. Listen to music

Listening to your favourite playlist or discovering new music can be a really rewarding pastime.

Getting lost down the YouTube music rabbit hole and finding out about artists you’ve not listened to before is a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon.

#12. Recharge your social batteries

If you’re an introvert who’s surrounded by people all week, simply taking a step back and having some alone time is really important.

Socialising and being around other people can, at times, be draining.

You need to recharge your social batteries and protect your own energy.

#13. Create art

Whether you like to write poetry, draw, or make music, self care Sunday is the perfect time to throw yourself fully into creating art.

#14. Go for a walk in nature

Getting some vitamin D, as well as gentle exercise, whether alone or with others is a great self care activity.

#15. Spend time with your family

If you don’t often get to spend quality time with your family just hanging out, Sundays are a good time to do this.

Go to lunch with them, do some puzzles together, go for a walk – whatever helps you connect as a family.

(‘Family’ is whatever you make it. It can be biological family, friends, or even your fur baby.)

Why is having a self care day so important?

Having a day totally dedicated to self care – like self care Sunday for example – is a really good way to ensure we’re all taking at least one day a week to truly care for ourselves.

Self care isn’t just about self soothing, it’s crucial for our mental, physical and emotional health.

It’s not just about ticking boxes, it’s about ensuring that we’re truly taking the time to look after our needs as human beings.

It’s about soothing our souls as well as our bodies and minds.

While we should be practising basic, practical self care at the very least every single day, a lot of us simply don’t have the time to really get stuck into the deep stuff, which is why having a dedicated self care day can be really beneficial.

Should we practise self care every day?

We should be practising at least a very basic level of practical self care every single day.

I invite you to treat yourself like you would a child.

You don’t just feed a child one nice meal and call it a day; you have to feed them nutritious, tasty meals throughout.

two cups of coffee on a table surrounded by flowers

You don’t just bathe them once a week and that’s it.

You don’t allow them to only get two hours of sleep a night.

We all need to practise basic self care every single day to keep on top of our own well-being.

Some basic, practical everyday self care ideas might be:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Taking a shower
  • Getting dressed
  • Making your bed
  • Eating nutritious, tasty food
  • Drinking water
  • Taking medication
  • Talking to one other human being
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Moving your body in some way

All of these self care ideas contribute to helping keep your mental and physical well-being in a stable, positive place throughout the week until you get to self care Sunday.

How to get into the habit of practising self care

It’s good to look at self care – or at least basic self care – as a positive habit you need to learn.

In my experience, the best way to get into the habit of practising daily self care is:

  1. Schedule self care into your planner or journal
  2. Set an alarm to remind you to practise certain self care activities
  3. Put notes around your room so that you see little reminders
  4. Place self care items where you will definitely have to see them; for example, keep your journal on your bedside table so you see it as soon as you wake up

Ultimately, it’s about putting yourself first not just once or twice a week, but every single day because you’re worthy.

However, I appreciate this can be difficult so self care Sunday is a good place to start.

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