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20 Journaling Prompts for Manifestation

Journaling prompts can be an effective way to manifest your dreams and desires.

To manifest something means to make it real.

In the context of the Law of Attraction – the idea that like attracts like – manifesting your dreams means making your dreams a reality.

This is usually achieved through raising your vibration (as everything vibrates at a different rate) to meet the vibration of the life you want to manifest, speaking your dream into existence, and taking positive action towards them.

Writing down what you want to manifest in your journal and using journaling prompts for manifestation not only puts whatever you want to manifest out into the universe, it also helps you focus on what actions you need to take to attract your manifestations towards you and make them a reality.

Just by writing them down, you’re already taking action towards them and journal prompts can help you delve even deeper into that.

What’s more, by using journal prompts for gratitude, you can raise your vibration, which helps you align with the reality you want to live in and become a more positive person in general.

Journaling prompts for manifesting

These are some great journaling prompts for manifestation, which include not only focusing on the manifestation itself, but raising your vibration through gratitude in order to meet the same frequency as your dream life.

  1. What does your dream life look like?
  2. What feelings and emotions would living your dream life create? How does visualising it make you feel right now?
  3. Write down one goal you want to manifest in detail, focusing on how it makes you feel as you write it.
  4. What are three positive, productive actions you can take towards your manifestation? What’s one small step you can take towards your manifestation today?
  5. What are 10 things you’re grateful for?
  6. What’s one limiting belief you think is holding you back? How do you plan to overcome this?
  7. What are three thing you can do to raise your vibration? What makes you feel content and positive?
  8. What about your current life makes you feel happy?
  9. Write about something you’re excited about and looking forward to.
  10. What sort of person would you be if you manifestation arrived tomorrow?
  11. What are five things you love about yourself?
  12. What are three ways you can show yourself love and gratitude today?
  13. How do you plan to combat negative self-talk? How can you speak nicer to yourself?
  14. What sort of people do you surround yourself with? How do you feel about this?
  15. Write out two positive affirmations to focus on this week.
  16. Write about something you’ve already manifested. How did it make you feel?
  17. What is your five-year plan?
  18. Write about someone you look up to. Who are they, what does their life look like, how do you feel looking at their life from the outside? Are there parts that you want to emulate?
  19. Write about a massive hurdle that you’ve overcome recently. How did it make you feel at the time and how does it feel looking back at it?
  20. What positive habits can I implement into my day in order to make manifesting easier?

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How to manifest using my journal?

As well as using journaling prompts for manifestation, you can also manifest using your journal in a few others ways.

journal on a bed surrounded by flowers; the journal says "say yes to new adventures" on it
  • Write gratitude lists: Practising gratitude is thought to be one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration. By recognising what you do have and being thankful, you can attract even more good things because, according to the Law of Attraction, positivity attracts positivity. Writing gratitude lists is one of my favourite morning journal activities, which is why I teach it in my Master Your Mindset with Journaling workbook.
  • Affirmations: Writing out positive, affirming statements is another way you can manifest using your journal. Putting whatever you want to manifest out into the universe is a good way to help you focus on it and attract it back. What’s more, the theory that whatever we believe we can achieve makes repeating affirmations until our minds start to believe them really effective when it comes to manifesting.
  • Goal and intention-setting: Setting small – or even large – daily goals has been amazing for my mindset. It boosts motivation and helps you focus. When it comes to manifestation, it helps you take affirmative action towards your dream life.
  • Shadow work: Working through your emotions, trauma, and limiting beliefs helps raise your vibration and put you in alignment with the person you want to become. I have a whole post of journal prompts for shadow work if you want to read more.
  • Scheduling self-care: In addition to practising gratitude, a great way to raise your vibration is to practise self-love. Schedule in self-care, think about the way you talk to yourself, and treat yourself like you would someone you’re completely in love with and devoted to – because you should be!

I go over all these steps in my Master Your Mindset with Journaling workbook.

In this workbook, I cover how to completely transform your mindset and outlook on life through your daily journal practise.

With the help of my Countdown journaling technique, which I go over in the workbook, I transformed my mindset from a dark, negative place that only attracted more negativity, to a positive one where I’m manifesting my goals.

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