Hiya, I’m Nia – Your professional witchy ray of sunshine… sort of.

I’m the owner and main writer of Seeking Serotonin – a site that helps frustrated millennials transform their mindset through journaling, affirmations, and shadow work. (Although, since you’re here, you probably already know that.)

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety since childhood, but my mental health really took a nose-dive when I reached my teens and then adulthood.

My school years, which most people describe as the best of their lives (seriously… what school did you go to?!), were hell for me.

It’s hard to know what happened first: the bullying or the mental health problems. But I doubt it really matters. All I know is that I hated every second of it.

My depression and anxiety would go on to effect every past of my life. College, University, relationships, food, my body – EVERYTHING.

I could never seem to get my depression under control.

I always felt a bit lost and never felt like I had my life together. Everyone around me seemed to be progressing with their lives while I was just stuck, feeling desperate, sad and alone.

I was exhausted for no good reason; miserable; bitter; angry; dejected; unmotivated; disorganised; and in a really, really bad headspace for years.

It all came to a head in my mid-20s, when I quit my stable, full-time freelance writing job because my mental health was in tatters. I was deeply depressed, drinking too much, binge eating and so anxious that I felt as if my insides were filled with wasps.

I truly didn’t believe it could get better.

This was until, in a desperate attempt to improve my outlook, I read about practising gratitude, shadow work, self-care, and affirmations. I had already known about journaling since childhood – I had always kept a diary to vent – but I had no idea how to journal intentionally for my mindset.


Over the course of months, I implemented all of these into my daily routine.

The change in my mindset was nothing short of amazing.

I now feel 10x more positive, put together, and motivated than I’ve ever done in the past.

Thus, Seeking Serotonin was born :).

I no longer wake up each morning and hide under the duvet, consumed by that feeling of despair, doom and angry butterflies – I reach for my journal, practise gratitude, and set goals, as well as write intentions and affirmations for the day.

I make sure to schedule in daily self-care and stick to a routine religiously.

While mental health problems don’t just magically go away overnight and I do still have bad days (sometimes weeks), they’re few and far between and I know how to cope with them.

If I’m feel especially down, I know I need to turn to my self-care, journaling, and shadow work.

I have now helped hundreds of other moody millennials do the same.

I write blogs about journaling. I provide journal prompts for those looking to start journaling; and create affirmations for people to repeat in order to boost their mood and mindset.

At the end of 2021, I gained my Diploma in Shadow Work, so that I could become even better equipped to help others heal, grow, and reach true self-love. I created a Shadow Work for Beginners Workbook, which had helped over 250 people start their shadow work journey.

Then, in 2022, I became an accredited mindset coach and in 2023 I launched my first 1-on-1 shadow work coaching program so that I could provide accountability, motivation, and guidance to those who are feeling unsure where to start and need a cheerleader in their corner to reach their goals. 

Thank you for being here,

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