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50 Healing Affirmations for Body, Mind and Soul

Did you know that positive affirmations aren’t just for giving your confidence a boost or building self-belief?

Affirmations for healing can also be really effective at helping us move on from the past and improve our mindset.

Since we tend to bottle up emotions, affirmations can give us permission to release whatever trauma we’ve been holding onto.

They can also then work on building confidence in order to overcome emotional pain.

How do affirmations help you heal?

Positive affirmations can be really healing for our body, mind and soul.

They work by reprogramming the way you think about yourself and the world because, when we repeat self-affirming statements either out loud or in our heads over-and-over again, we start to believe them.

Or, as you may want to look at it, we break down the negative barriers our own brain puts in place and start to see the truth.

Repetition can be really powerful.

Affirmations for healing give us permission to feel the way we feel, which is exactly what we need. They help us see that our emotions are valid and that it’s okay to struggle.

A lot of the time, when we’re suffering emotionally, we can feel as if we’re somehow broken, that no one cares about how we feel, and that we should simply bottle up our worries so that we don’t burden others.

We feel like a nuisance for simply venting, let alone asking for help.

Allowing our emotions to flow and telling ourselves that it’s absolutely valid to feel this way – that it’s not our fault – is an act of self-care.

By doing this, we open the door to healing.

Affirmations also help build confidence and self-esteem, which gives us the strength to move forward and overcome any obstacles that might have been contributing to our emotional pain.

They may:

  • Give you the confidence to finally see a therapist to deal with the trauma you’re facing since childhood
  • Give you the push you need to set your own boundaries
  • Cut someone toxic out of your life for good
  • Start that shadow work you’ve been putting off
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How do you affirm your emotions?

Affirming your emotions gives them validity, which allows you to honour them, respect them, and heal from them.

This is why affirmations for healing can be so helpful during the healing process, whether you’re dealing with trauma, emotional distress, or mental health issues. (Or all of the above.)

In order to affirm my emotions, I practise this simple step-by-step process:

  1. Ground yourself: If you can, place your bare hands or feet on the earth or ground. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself drawing energy from the earth and filtering any negative, excess tension from yourself back into it.
  2. Choose an affirmations for healing: Pick just one affirmation that resonates with you today. I’ve sectioned healing affirmations into body, mind and soul below, to make it easier for you to choose.
  3. Repeat the affirmation: You can do this out loud, in your head, and/or in your journal. Take a deep, relaxing breath between each repetition and repeat it as many times as you feel called to. Feel your resolve and conviction growing with each repetition.
  4. Believe the affirmation: Know that your emotions before, during and after repeating your affirmation are valid. You’re allowed to feel the way you feel. It’s okay. I invite you to journal about your experience to gain some clarity on how the affirmation made you feel.
  5. Take a big cleansing breath: Let out any tension you might be holding onto and ground yourself again.

On the other hand, repeating affirmations doesn’t have to be as ritualistic as I talk about above. You can simply repeat them when you feel called to throughout the day, in any way you like, if you just need a boost.

What’s important is that, at least in that moment, you genuinely belief the affirmation you’re repeating. (This often gets easier with time.)

Hold onto how releasing that guilt and self-doubt feels. It’s the feeling that we want to harness, more than the literal words.

So, what are some healing affirmations?

Below, I’ve provided some affirmations on emotional healing, healing our relationship with our body, and affirmations for the soul.

Take your pick!

Affirmations for emotional healing

  1. My feelings are valid.
  2. I am heard, respected, and understood.
  3. I will move on from this rough patch.
  4. I observe my emotions from a healthy place.
  5. I will heal.
  6. I let go of what doesn’t serve me.
  7. I overcome problems with ease.
  8. I leap over every hurdle that life throws at me.
  9. I learn from my mistakes and grow stronger.
  10. I’m grateful for life lessons.
  11. It’s okay to feeling confused about my own needs.
  12. Feeling emotions is normal.
  13. I’ve got this.
  14. I am allowed to struggle – it’s okay.
  15. My shadow is not my enemy.
  16. I cannot control others people’s reactions, but I can control how I react and move forward.
  17. I own my story; it made me who I am.
  18. I am proud of the person I’ve grown into.
  19. I deserve to heal.
  20. My past does not define me.
  21. I choose to live in the present, heal from the past, and embrace the future.
  22. It wasn’t my fault.
  23. I am not my trauma.
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Affirmations to heal your body

  1. I’m grateful that I get to move my body.
  2. I choose to move my body in ways that feel good.
  3. I choose to nourish my body.
  4. My body deserves love.
  5. My body is beautiful, just the way it is.
  6. I am grateful for what my body can do.
  7. I pay attention to my body cues.
  8. I choose to honour what my body needs, whether that’s food, movement, water, or sleep.
  9. Resting is healing.
  10. Sleep comes easily to me.
  11. I choose to release stress and tension from my body.
  12. I’m full of energy and vitality.
  13. I deserve to take up space.
  14. My worth is not my weight.
  15. I give myself permission to rest.

Affirmations for your soul

  1. I am a good person.
  2. I am worthy of love, respect, and kindness.
  3. My friends love being around me.
  4. I’m strong and fearless.
  5. I’m a compassionate and empathetic.
  6. I choose my self every single day.
  7. I’m grateful for my life.
  8. Self-care is a priority.
  9. I deserve happiness.
  10. I am a master manifester.
  11. I choose not to seek validation and approval from others.
  12. I am in charge of my life.

While positive affirmations can be beneficial for emotional healing, remember that you also need to take other steps.

Make sure you’re practising self-care, seeing a therapist (if one is available and accessible to you), and journaling in order to fully heal.

The best way to stay consistent with affirmations that I’ve found it is by using affirmation cards.

They help inspire you, as well as remember which affirmation you’re focusing on, which helps transform your confidence and discover self-worth.

Check out my affirmation card club for brand new affirmation cards every single week!

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