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165 Fun Lists to Make When You’re Bored (and Need a Boost)

Making lists is a great way to stay organised, vent onto the page, or simply record your thoughts so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re short of list ideas to make or struggling to even know write to write down, I’ll give you PLENTY in this post.

I personally find that listing down my to-do list for the day keeps me accountable and productive. It also puts my mind at rest because I know I’m not going to forget any of the little tasks I need to complete throughout the day.

Plus, don’t you just love that little boost of ticking things on their off as you complete them?

A 2008 study by Microsoft found that 73% of the US keep at least one list a day.

Considering the rising popularity of journaling and personal development tools, it makes sense that now, 15 years later, this percentage is probably even higher.

And there’s actual psychology behind this!

Our brains LOVE completing tasks. This is referred to as the “Zeigarnik effect”, as Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik, was one of the first to notice how productive we can be when we make a to-do list.

As we tick each task off our to-do list, our brain releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling satisfied, happy, and – maybe most importantly – rewarded.

Dopamine is important when it comes to feeling satisfied, forming habits, and learning.

Therefore, as we work through our lists and physically cross out tasks we’ve completed, we get a genuine feeling of accomplishment.

With this in mind, why stop at a to-do list?

There are plenty of different lists to make when bored or when you need a boost.

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My top 10 list ideas

Before we get into some more specific list ideas, I know you’re probably a busy person with a to-do list to get started on, so I wanted to give you my top 10.

If you keep these lists – or even just a few – you’ll improve your organisation, mood, and productivity.

  1. Gratitude
  2. To-do list
  3. Affirmations
  4. Journal prompts you want to use
  5. Important dates/birthdays
  6. Goals/manifestations
  7. Self-care activities that you love
  8. Things you love about yourself
  9. Income/expenses/budget
  10. Things you’ve achieved

List ideas for your journal

Your journal is the perfect place to write lists; it allows you to keep track of them, as well as have a safe place where you feel you can vent.

While you can obviously write any of the lists mentioned in this post in your journal, here are some journal-specific list ideas for you to try out.

  1. Gratitude
  2. Journal prompts
  3. Journaling goals
  4. Daily goals
  5. Long-term goals
  6. Journal techniques that you want to try
  7. Journaling techniques that work for you
  8. Ways journaling has helped you
  9. Themed journals that you want to try
  10. Journaling courses that you want to enrol in
  11. Your favourite journaling bloggers/influencers
  12. Ways to make you stick to your journaling habit
  13. Types of bullet journal template that you want to look up
  14. Your favourite types of journal
  15. Journal stationary
  16. Manifestations
  17. Affirmations that work for you
  18. Things you like about yourself
  19. Things you like about other people
  20. What doesn’t work for you when journaling

Mood-boosting list ideas

Sometimes, we need a little mood boost.

These list ideas can give you exactly that.

  1. Things that make you feel happy
  2. Things that make you feel safe
  3. Favourite self-care activities
  4. Little wins
  5. Big achievements
  6. Hurdles you’ve overcome
  7. Things you’re excited for in the future
  8. Songs that boost your mood
  9. Things you’re doing today that you’re grateful for
  10. Affirmations that give you a lift
  11. Inspirational quotes that motivate you
  12. Happy memories
  13. Activities that make your inner child happy
  14. Things you wish you could say to your younger self
  15. People in your life that you’re grateful for
  16. People that inspire you
  17. Comfort foods
  18. Your favourite activities and hobbies
  19. Your comfort movies
  20. Things that boost your confidence
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Creative list ideas

Are you a creative person?

I invite you to give these lists a try.

  1. Paintings/drawings you want to create
  2. Songs you want to finish writing
  3. Song title ideas
  4. Song theme ideas
  5. YouTube videos you want to make
  6. Book characters you want to create
  7. Articles you want to write
  8. Themes you want to cover with your poetry/writing
  9. Your favourite pieces of art that you’ve already made
  10. What you enjoy about being creative
  11. How you stay consistent with your hobbies and passions
  12. Skills you want to learn
  13. Favourite ways to express yourself
  14. Songs that make you feel inspired
  15. Favourite art medium
  16. Your creative goals
  17. People that inspire you creatively
  18. What makes you feel most inspired
  19. Things a specific piece of art makes you feel
  20. The steps to your creative process
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List ideas for manifestation

Looking to manifest your dream life? These manifestation list ideas should help you out.

  1. Things you want to manifest
  2. Things you’ve already manifested
  3. Reasons why you want to manifest
  4. Things that help you manifest
  5. Manifestation techniques that work for you
  6. How manifesting makes you feel
  7. Aspects of your dream life
  8. Affirmations for manifesting
  9. Visualisations you want to try
  10. Snapshots from your dream life
  11. Favourite guided meditations that help raise your vibration
  12. Activities that make you feel positive
  13. Things you’re already grateful for
  14. Ways you can act “as if”
  15. Ways you can raise your vibration today
  16. Manifestation success stories
  17. People who talk about manifestation that inspire you
  18. Law of attraction books you want to read
  19. Law of attraction books that have helped you
  20. Quotes about manifestation that inspire you
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Fun lists to make

These list ideas are just a bit of fun for when you’re bored.

  1. Movies you want to watch
  2. Concerts you want to go to
  3. Books you want to read
  4. Places you want to travel
  5. Favourite flowers
  6. How to care for your plants
  7. Plants you already own
  8. Favourite foods
  9. Ways to move your body that you enjoy
  10. Best struggle meals
  11. People you want to meet
  12. Favourite games to play
  13. Date night ideas
  14. Activities to do with friends
  15. Your pet’s favourite thing
  16. TV shows you want to check out
  17. Favourite outfits
  18. Languages you want to learn/words you know in a different language
  19. Decorations to get for an upcoming event/holiday
  20. A bucket list/things you want to accomplish by a certain age

Practical list ideas

Practical lists can help you get organised and productive, and be real stress-busters.

  1. Daily to-do list
  2. Appointments you need to make
  3. Cleaning/chores
  4. Groceries
  5. Toiletries
  6. Expenses
  7. Budgeting goals
  8. Ways to save money
  9. Places you want to live
  10. Exercises for your workout
  11. Wedding ideas
  12. Birthdays
  13. Gift ideas
  14. Important dates
  15. Documents you need to file
  16. Things you need to pack
  17. Tasks that need to be done before you move house
  18. Car repair/maintenance checklist
  19. Bills
  20. Meal planning/meals you enjoy

List ideas for work and career

If you’re looking to get more organised at work, these are the list ideas for you.

  1. Career goals
  2. Work boundaries
  3. Meetings
  4. Stationary you need to get
  5. Work self-care
  6. Affiliates you want to work with
  7. Ways to improve your productivity
  8. Steps to launch your own business
  9. Steps to increase revenue
  10. Ways you can improve your work-life balance
  11. People who inspire you in work
  12. Work expenses
  13. Favourite work tools
  14. Work affirmations
  15. Important dates to remember
  16. Networking events you want to attend this year
  17. Potential jobs you want to look into or apply for
  18. Applications you’ve sent out
  19. Your five-year plan
  20. People you want to work with
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List ideas for self improvement

Self improvement should always be one of our goals.

Even if we’ve already healed and gone through a great deal of personal development, we should always be putting in the work to be the best person we can be. It’s so rewarding.

These list ideas should help you do that.

  1. Positive habits you want to start
  2. Unhelpful habits that you want to quit
  3. Your perfect morning routine
  4. Steps you want to take to improve you morning routine
  5. The steps in your night time routine
  6. How you want to improve your sleep hygiene
  7. What the perfect night time routine looks like to you
  8. How to improve your current daily routine overall
  9. Areas of your life you want to work on
  10. Meditation procress
  11. Ways to improve productivity
  12. Areas of your life you need to heal in
  13. Personal development books you want to read
  14. Ways you’ve already improved your life
  15. Personal development gurus you want to learn more about
  16. Ways you want to love yourself more

Random things to make lists of

Here are some bonus list ideas if you’re just bored and in the mood to write some lists.

  1. Your favourite animals
  2. Hobbies you want to get into
  3. An inventory of all your belongings
  4. A list of all your clothing items
  5. All the books you own
  6. All the DVDs you own
  7. Streaming services you’re signed up to
  8. All the games you own
  9. Random life events
  10. Items that you own that bring you joy

Final thoughts

Writing lists isn’t just great for productivity, organisation, stress relief, and our mindset in general, they can also be fun and a great boredom-killer.

The top 10 list ideas I mentioned at the beginning of this post will help you hit all these areas and, before you know it, writing lists will be a habit that you won’t want to break.

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