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60+ Powerful Self Love Affirmations

Self love affirmations are a hugely important part of your self love or self acceptance journey.

In fact, I can’t emphasise their importance enough.

For me, repeating affirmations in my journal every morning and learning to intercept negative self-talk with positive statements about myself has been nothing short of crucial.

Here are some of the most affect self love affirmations that I’ve personally used to heal my relationship with myself and finally not just accept but embrace who I really am as a person.

Why is self love important?

To some, self love comes naturally.

However, to most of us, loving ourselves and embracing who we truly are at our core as human beings doesn’t happen easily.

Since you’re here, I’m willing to bet that you fall into the same camp as me: the latter.

A person sitting on their bed reading a book

Self love is important because it doesn’t just affect how we treat ourselves, it affects how we allow others to treat us, the paths we take in life, and our overall self-esteem.

Self love isn’t just loving how our body looks – although body acceptance can be part of it.

It’s about:

  • Having self-respect and treating yourself accordingly
  • Being kind to yourself
  • How you treat others
  • How you act or react in relationships and how you are as a partner

When we have low self-esteem and little self love, we tend to allow others to take advantage of us, rarely give ourselves time for self-care (which is crucial for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing), and hold back from doing what truly makes us happy because we don’t have the self-belief that we’ll succeed.

By learning self love, we’re also more likely to learn from our mistakes and hold ourselves accountable in order to grow into better people.

This is because instead of catastrophising or trying to bury our heads in the sand in order to avoid what we perceive to be failure, we’re confident enough to acknowledge and recognise where we went wrong.

We know this doesn’t make us a failure, it makes us human. We simply made a mistake and we’ll learn from it going forward.

This is why self love is so important; the way we see ourselves impacts every part of our lives.

Do self love affirmations work?

I’ve found that self love affirmations have been a crucial element of my self-acceptance or self love journey.

It’s taken time, but with the help of positive affirmations I’ve managed to get to a place where I truly put myself first, embrace who I am – whatever that looks like – and truly forgive myself for being a human being.

Positive affirmations are self-affirming, positive statements about yourself that counteract any negative thoughts you might be harbouring.

Self love affirmations work directly with your perception of yourself.

They basically affirm that you’re a badass (’cause sometimes we do need reminding), that you’re fine as you are, and that you are worthy of good things.

A woman smelling some roses; her t-shirt says "resilient" on it

This works so well because by intercepting negative self-talk (e.g. replacing “I’m so useless” with a positive affirmations like, “I am valuable to the world!”) we’re basically reprogramming our thought processes.

We’re teaching our brain that instead of thinking negative s*** about ourselves, it feels far better and is much more rewarding to think positively.

In time, our minds jump to that negative, self-hating space a lot less often and, instead, automatically drift towards a more positive, self-loving one.

How to use self love affirmations

Using daily positive affirmations is a really affective way to boost self love.

If you make it a habit to remind yourself that you’re worthy and wonderful every single day, that way of thinking is likely to take hold and it’s going to have a positive affect on the way you think about yourself.

Here’s how I personally use self love affirmations and my best tips for getting the most out of them:

Practise daily affirmations in your journal

Making a habit of writing them down in your journal every single day is really beneficial.

It helps you remember your favourite self love affirmations and, if you’re a beginner, encourages you to repeat them in your head just in case you feel a bit silly saying them out loud.

A rose in a cup

Use self love affirmation art

If you struggle to remember self love affirmations, having affirmation artwork might help you as it’s a constant reminder.

I have loads of printable affirmation art available on my Etsy shop, if you want to check it out.

Repeat affirmations of self love when you think negative thoughts

I invite you to not only practise your affirmations in the morning but to also counteract any negative thoughts about yourself with them.

Try practising self-awareness through meditation and perhaps shadow work so that you can catch yourself when you’re dwelling on a negative thought too much.

Accepting negativity and being reflective can help you heal and learn more about yourself, but dwelling on it won’t.

Meditate on your affirmations

You may want to use a self love affirmations as a mantra or focus for your meditation.

Meditation helps clear the mind and increase self-awareness.

In order to do this, we usually use our breath – or sometimes a consistent noise – as an anchor to stop our thoughts wandering off.

Every time we start to chase a thought down the rabbit hole, meditation encourages us to let the thought go by bringing our attention back to our breath.

A woman meditating on a balcony overlooking a forest as the sun rises

I invite you to try this when your mind starts to wander during meditation:

  • Accept the thought, recognise it as a thought and allow it to pass through you. Don’t fight it – we’re human beings – we can’t help thinking. Just allow the thought to float away.
  • Bring your attention gently back to your breath and a self love affirmation that resonates with you. I’d recommend choosing one specific affirmation before you start the session.
  • Repeat this affirmation like a mantra with every inhale and let it go with the exhale.

This method really helped me let go of stray thoughts when I first started meditating.

Apparently, if we repeat something enough, it’s likely to become true, which is why self love affirmations can be so affective.

Choose the right self love affirmations for you

There are tons of self love affirmations out there, including the ones in this blog post.

However, I personally feel that only choosing a couple of affirmations that resonate with you and your personal struggle is much more affective than just mindlessly repeating dozens.

In order to get the most out of them, you need to almost trick your brain into believing your affirmations.

Therefore, if you pick affirmations that are irrelevant to you and what you want to achieve, they’re probably going to be a but of a waste of time.

Choose 1-3 affirmations that you really resonate with and speak to you. Then, stick to these affirmations until you’re ready to move on to others.

An LED sign that reads, "today I love you"

What are some examples of affirmations for self love and self-acceptance?

Here are some of the best self love affirmations I’ve seen, including the ones I still use myself to this day.

  1. I am worthy
  2. I am loved
  3. I have so much value
  4. I bring so much to this world
  5. I am special and that makes me beautiful
  6. I am confident
  7. I am a badass
  8. I am capable of overcome anything
  9. I am successful in everything I put my mind to
  10. I am passionate
  11. I am positive
  12. I am who I am and that’s okay
  13. I’m fine just the way I am
  14. I choose not to let others views define me
  15. Others admire me
  16. I choose to make time for self-care because I’m worth it
  17. I choose to overcome and learn from life’s hurdles
  18. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn
  19. I choose to embrace my emotions
  20. I am valid; my emotions are valid
  21. I’ve got this
  22. I’m strong
  23. I’m tenacious
  24. I am enough, just the way I am
  25. I matter
  26. Positive change is within my power
  27. I choose to be positive
  28. I am my own source of happiness
  29. I am so much more than my physical body
  30. I accept my body as it is
  31. I choose to nourish my body
  32. I choose to move my body in a way that feels good
  33. I love myself deeply
  34. I take responsibility for who I am
  35. I grow more as a person every single day
  36. I respect myself fully
  37. My body is my temple
  38. I love my flaws
  39. I have purpose
  40. I am powerful beyond belief
  41. I believe in myself
  42. I choose to release negative self-talk
  43. I love the person I was, the person I am, and the person I will become
  44. I am radiant
  45. I become a better person every day
  46. I am kind to myself and others
  47. I give and receive love freely
  48. I choose to surround myself with positive people
  49. I am grateful for who I am
  50. I am grateful for what I have
  51. I deserve respect
  52. I deserve loyalty
  53. I deserve good things
  54. I choose to release judgement of myself
  55. I am in love with myself
  56. I am resilient
  57. I am full of joy and beauty
  58. Love flows to me freely
  59. I am peaceful and warm
  60. I have my back
  61. I am glowing
  62. Others are attracted to my warmth
  63. I am exactly who I need to be in this moment
  64. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment

How do you fill yourself with self love?

As affective as repeating self love affirmations can be for a lot of people, there are other ways you can fill yourself with self love that you can practise as well.

A cup of coffee, candles and flowers on a tray across a bath tub
  • Self Love Journal Prompts: Implementing self love into your journal practise can be really fulfilling. I have a blog post with 50 self love journal prompts here if you want to check them out.
  • Journaling in General: Other journal techniques that you can practise that will help boost your mindset and ability to love yourself include gratitude, goal/intension-setting, and scheduling self-care.
  • Self-Care: Practising self-care by taking care of your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs is a great way to build self love.
  • Self-Compassion: Learning to kind to yourself is proven to help improve self-esteem. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Use them as life lessons and recognise that you’re only human.
  • Shadow Work: Shadow work is deep-diving into what makes you tick as a human, what traits you’ve developed since childhood, and why. It teaches you to be self-aware and accept yourself in your truest form. It’s super-rewarding.
  • Therapy: While therapy isn’t available or accessible to everyone, if you can, I recommend pursuing therapy if your self-esteem is getting in the way of how you live your life.
  • Ditching Diet Culture and Nourish Your Body: Diet culture is toxic. It preys on our insecurities and tells us that in order to be worthy, we have to look a certain way. We don’t. Our worth is inherent. By leaving diet culture behind, you learn to nourish your body in a way that feels good for you mentally and physically.
  • Move Your Body: Finding a type of exercise that is easily accessible to us and enjoyable is key. Exercise is amazing for our mental and physical health; it helps you get in touch with how your body feels and take care of our bodies.
  • Social Media Self-Care: Unfollow anyone who makes you feel unworthy or affects your ability to love yourself. In their place, follow positive people who make you feel awesome and brighten your day.
  • Stop Comparing Yourself: Comparison is the thief of joy. We’re all different and that’s what makes human beings so special. Recognise and embrace your uniqueness. Just because you don’t look like someone else who you deem to be beautiful, doesn’t mean to say you’re not. Stop comparing yourself and learn to love what makes you different. That’s where true beauty lies.
  • Enforce Boundaries: Enforcing boundaries and learning to say ‘no’ to situations that will make you uncomfortable is the ultimate act of self love. You’re respecting your space and time. You’re doing what’s right for YOU.
  • Combat negative self-talk: Self love affirmations are a great way to combat negative self-talk. However, you can take this a step further by making an effort to rationalise any negative thoughts you might have about yourself. When you think something negative, stop, accept the thought for what it is, then rationalise with yourself. Try to find evidence to back this claim up. And I mean HARD evidence. There most likely isn’t any.

If you struggle to remember self love affirmations and need a little reminder, feel free to take a look at my affirmation art. I really hope it helps.

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