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25 Affirmations for Mental Strength

Repeating affirmations for mental strength has been key when it comes to transforming my mindset and improving my mental health.

affirmations for mental strength

Positive affirmations have been found to be super-helpful when it comes to boosting confidence, self-esteem, and self-compassion.

These are all huge parts of finding your inner strength.

In this post, I’ll go over why strength affirmations are so affective, as well as how to pick the most powerful ones for you.

However, if you’re strapped for time, feel free to jump straight to the affirmations themselves here.

What are affirmations for mental strength?

Affirmations for mental strength are positive, self-affirming statements that you can repeat in order to combat negative self-talk and find your inner warrior.

If you have low self-esteem (which many of us do), struggle with your mental health, or just don’t feel believe in yourself enough to tackle problems or carry out even relatively small tasks, you’ll probably find repeating affirmations really empowering.

Strength affirmations call upon your inner mental strength and confidence to help you realise that you ARE that b***h, that you CAN get s*** done, and that you will OWN any problem, task, or situation that life throws at you.

Why are affirmations for mental strength so powerful?

Mental strength affirmations are particularly powerful for a few reasons:

strength affirmations
  1. Self-affirming statements themselves are empowering.
  2. Repetition of affirmations not only helps you rewire the way you think about yourself and life in general (there’s actual science behind this), it helps hype you up! With every repetition, you become more confident; you believe the affirmation more and more. You draw on your inner strength and realise that what you’re repeating was actually true all along.
  3. Affirmations also encourage you to be kinder to yourself, which, in turn, improves confidence and helps boost inner mental strength as well.

What’s more, the strength you harness from affirmations comes totally from you and you’re aware of this as you feel them working.

Your own power is fuelling this inner strength and it’s a magical, empowering feeling.

This only spurs you on and encourages you to continue.

It’s basically a cycle of finding your inner mental strength and being a bad b****.

Does writing affirmations really work?

While repeating your affirmations for mental strength out loud is affective, you can also write them in your journal.

This is what I personally do, as well as repeat them in my own head a) as I write them and b) in order to combat negative self-talk throughout the day.

I also repeat them in my own head if I need a little boost of confidence.

It’s always good to be your own hype woman, you know?

positive daily affirmations

I tend to write my positive affirmations in my journal every morning to start my day off in a strong way.

Printing out some affirmation art (like this) can also be really useful.

I only pick a couple though.

Let me explain why in the next section.

What are the most powerful affirmations?

The most powerful affirmations for strength are the ones you resonate with the most.

There’s no point repeating affirmations that don’t really connect with your soul or your values on a personal level.

Choosing to repeat affirmations that don’t serve you:

  • Wastes your time
  • Wastes your energy
  • Can overwhelm you

The most powerful way to practise repeating affirmations is to only pick a couple – or even only one! – and focus on that until you begin to notice the benefits.


You don’t need to be writing and/or repeating 10 affirmations every day because you feel you should.

Just pick 1 – 3 that really, REALLY resonate with you and your struggles; that bring out YOUR inner strength and truly work for you, and stick to those.

What are some examples of positive affirmations for strength?

  1. I’ve got this
  2. I can handle any hurdle that life throws at me
  3. I’m a bad b****
  4. I’m the strongest person I know
  5. My confidence is sky-high
  6. I’m my own inspiration
  7. I am successful
  8. I achieve anything and everything I put my mind to
  9. I smash my goals with ease
  10. I have unlimited inner strength
  11. I love myself completely
  12. I am so powerful
  13. I am in complete control
  14. I am amazing at [insert struggle]
  15. I choose to release what doesn’t serve me
  16. I choose to protect my energy
  17. I am worthy of great things
  18. I am enough, just the way I am
  19. I attract good energy because I am kind, compassionate and empathetic
  20. Mistakes and challenges are opportunities to learn lessons
  21. I am valued and loved
  22. I hold myself accountable
  23. I am exactly where I need to be
  24. I choose not to compare myself to others successes; I am my own person
  25. I choose to be positive

If you struggle to remember positive affirmations and need a little reminder, I have some printable affirmation art up on my Etsy, if you want to check it out.

It’s not only cute – even if I do say so myself – it helps keep your affirmations present in your mind so that you can call on them whenever you need a little extra inner strength.

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